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Granell Portrait

Dear friends of Amparo and Eugenio, I have decided to add this text to our web site. As you know, my parents left their valuable legacy in my father`s city, Santiago de Compostela. Works of art by Granell and Amparo and by many other surrealists; the ethnic collection featuring a large variety form Africa and the different countries where they lived or visited. It also includes a wonderful library featuring books on surrealism and the political history of Spain that they themselves experienced. Books on the POUM political part, as well as books on art and many signed by the authors themselves.

Since a patronage system does not exist in Spain so it is almost impossible for anyone in Spain to commit to helping us economically. We therefore have to turn to our friends not in Spain but in many parts of the world to find economic support.

By means of the Friends of the Eugenio Granell Foundation, please collaborate with our museum and with Granell and Amparo and commit to making an annual contribution according to the category of your choice. Please pick one of Granell’s faces to make your donation. Patron Member (€1.800 =1833,85 $), Honorary Member (€300=305,64$), Benefactor Member (€120=122,26$), Collaborating Member (€12 to €60= 12,23 to 61,13$). *

We also need more money for conservation and restoration. We have to be able to look after our works of art, and the Library –full of books, letters, documents, photographs– also requires conservation material. This is why there is an additional contribution of €10 =10,19€ within the Friends scheme and each of its categories.

*(Change from euros to dollars on 07/07/2022).

Thanks a million, Natalia Fernández Segarra

Daughter and director of the Granell Foundation

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For any questions and/or help, contact us at administracion@fundacion-granell.org