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One of the Fundación´s main purpose is to make Eugenio Granell´s work better known and to become a center for the study of Surrealism. The means of communication are ideal for this purpose.
Our Press Department makes a thorough job of sending information to all media: local, national and international so that the public always knows what exhibits or events are taking place.
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INSTITUTO CERVANTES NY This year marks the 80th anniversary of the end of the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939)The second symposium. 18 NovemberWelcoming remarks: Marina Garde, curator of Winter is CominoParticipants: Agustín Santos Maraver, Montserrat Feu, Aranzazu Borrachero.Testimony: Natalia Fernández Segarra,…

Reading of Eugenio Granell’s The Novel of Tupinamba Indian by David Coulter in Passages Bookshop, in Portland, Oregon

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Remembering Urbano Lugrís Vadillo The exhibition “Lugrís Vadillo. Textura de mar” in de first floor Museum Eugenio Granell, 6 February – 5 March, 2008.Textura de mar is an exhibition of recent work by the Galician artist Urbano Lugrís Vadillo. It…