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The building

Pazo de Bendaña’s façade, headquarters of the Fundation

Pazo de Bendaña

It is believed that the stone building was designed by the architect Clamente Fernández Sarela and built towards the end of the first half of the XVIIIth century.

The nobility title, Marqués de Bendaña, was granted by king Charles II in 1692 to don Rodrigo Falcón de Ulloa y Rivadeneira.

The location.- Bendaña pazo (palace) is located at the Toral square in the heart of the historic area of Santiago. Built on an irregular ground-plot, and considered “the most beautiful mansion in Compostela”, its main door opens onto the square.The building´s sides run along rúa do Vilar on its right and rúa Nova on the left.

The interior.- The interior of the building, including its vast entrance, is built around its majestic and theatrical staircase which occupies a square space with an open area. The baluster and the steps are made of stone from the ground floor to be replaced by wood before reaching the firts floor.

The two upper floors, held the main living quarters of the building, a grand salon, a dining room, the kitchen and servant quarters. (The third floor now houses the offices, library, conservation department and houseware). Three main balconies, which rest on brackets, are adorned with flat twined rods with varied designs.

The first floor was altered when skylights were converted to doors. It is possible that the cabinet, the family quarters and the oratory were found here.

The façade.- Its main façade is divided into three main bodies with a perfectly symmetrical distribution of its doors and windows which alternate except in the center of the building.

The side facing the rúa do Vilar is divided into three equal sections separated by columns with the same distribution and balconies with balusters.

On the side facing the rúa Nova the baluster around the large terrace, attracts attention because of its simplicity.

The shield.- The marquis shield, which is seen on the main façade of the building, is surrounded by a carefully finished fringe formed by shells, volutes, leaves and ribbons.

A stone figure can be seen on top of the heraldry which has been identified as Atlas. It holds a sphere on its shoulders adorned with the sun and stars. Which refers to Atlas mission of holding the heavenly skies.

For a very long time the building housed different private and city entities, until in 1995 the City Town Hall decided it should house the Eugenio Granell Foundation and Museum.

Fachada del Pazo de Bendaña, sede de la Fundación Eugenio Granell
Pazo de Bendaña’s façade, headquarters of the Fundation
Entrance of Foundation