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Cultural Activities

Since we are a museum that promotes culture, from the beginning, we have organized diverse activities that have been greatly welcomed by the public; concerts, movie festivals, poetry recitals, conferences.
Since 1998 we have organized reading marathons dedicated to particular writers (García Lorca, several on Granell, Alejo Carpentier) in which diverse groups participate: schools, institutes and people from the public and private sectors (actors, artuists, press, ploticians).
We have also generated activities, like theatrical events, related to a particular exhibit. The first one took place when we inaugurated the exhibit Granell and the theatre curated by Javier Navarro. Granell´s play, The Dark Chamber, had its premiere with the actorts of the Minerva Group directed by Roberto Leal. This group continued to participate in other theatrical events as did Tacón Teatro lead by Socorro Vedo and Tangatutanga a group of female actors directed by Beatriz Bravo .

In 2000 we held an International Surrealist Congress in Honor of Eugenio Granell. Prestigious art critics, professors, art specialists from Spain and abroad participated in it. In 2006 we held Eugenio Granell’s Interdisciplinary Congress in which different specialists dealt with various aspects of this multifaceted artist.

Imagen: Cartel Encuentros Americanos

Conference The America lived by Eugenio GranellPilar Cagiao Vila1st march 2023, 19.00h As a result of his exile, Eugenio Fernández Granell lived much of his life in different parts of…

Picture: The enigma of apostle James and his Caribbean Court

Talk by LOWELL FIETThursday, March 3 at 7.00 pmRoom 1. Second Floor The EUGENIO GRANELL presents this Thursday, March 3, at 7 pm, in Room 1 on the Second Floor,…

Fotografía: Philip West. O amor e a muller. Vecinos

La Fundación Eugenio Granell celebra el Día internacional de los Museos, 18 de mayo, con Jornadas de Puertas Abiertas la semana del 18 al 23 de mayo para visitar sus…

Fotografía: Visitas guiadas a la biblioteca y colección de Eugenio Granell

El próximo viernes 7 de mayo la Fundación Eugenio Granell da comienzo a un ciclo de visitas guiadas con la finalidad de dar a conocer el rico patrimonio, tanto artístico…

Fotografía: Visitas Compostela Mayo

Visita guiada basada en el libro de Eugenio Granell “Memorias de Compostela”. La visita ofrece un recorrido por las calles de Compostela a través de la mirada del libro de…


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