Image: American conferences in the granell

Conference The America lived by Eugenio Granell
Pilar Cagiao Vila

1st march 2023, 19.00h

As a result of his exile, Eugenio Fernández Granell lived much of his life in different parts of America. How he perceived it and to what extent it influenced his experiences or what were the relationships he established in each of the countries through which he travelled are some of the aspects on which his documentary legacy allows us to demonstrate that America and what is American constituted an essential part, not only of his vital trajectory but also of his intellectual concerns.
Pilar Cagiao Vila is Professor of American History and coordinator of the HistAmérica Research Group at the University of Santiago de Compostela. Among the lines of research that she has developed throughout her academic career, those related to migratory movements and cultural relations between Spain and America stand out. On these topics, she has taught various courses as a visiting professor in various Latin American academic institutions in countries such as Brazil, Uruguay, Costa Rica, El Salvador and Ecuador.

The American Conferences in the Granell, which are inaugurated on this occasion with a lecture by Prof. Cagiao Vila, are intended to offer an open space for dialogue, ideas, debate and reflection on America. They will consist of a program of monthly conferences that will address cultural, political, social, economic or current issues, of public interest and informative nature.

They will take place at the Eugenio Granell Foundation and will be organized by the USC History of America Group (HistAmérica).
Its participants will be specialists from the American, Spanish or European academic sphere, as well as professionals linked to the American reality in its multiple facets.