Imagen: La fuerza simulada

27 june – 28 september
Rooms 4 and 5. First floor

Next Thursday, June 27, at 8:00 p.m., the Eugenio Granell Foundation inaugurates the exhibition “The simulated force” by Judith Adataberna, curated by Eduardo Valiña and which will remain open, in Rooms 4 and 5 of the first floor, until September 28.
Judith Adataberna builds from an interdisciplinary universe that ranges from experimentation through cinema, video installations, photography, and other types of media, a hybrid terrain that is one of the most original and different proposals on the contemporary scene.
After graduating in Fine Arts, she furthered her training with a scholarship at the Audiovisual Laboratory of Contemporary Creation and Practice (LAV) in Madrid. Strongly influenced by the context with which she maintains an intrinsic relationship, she starts from a deep observation of nature and its phenomena through the landscape and the relationship of the individual with the environment, concepts that come from a childhood marked by family connection with the environment.
In her career she develops a special interest in psychology and the mysteries of consciousness, which will be essential to create works that challenge the scales and margins of perception. Introspection will be the starting point for offering varied and reflective perspectives through the search for the universal from the personal. For this reason, her work has always manifested a constant need to challenge the hegemonic conception of reality, creating proximities between the dreamlike and speculative vision of science. Halfway between structural cinema and the language of video games, she proposes “body-cameras” that rehearse on possible “models and simulations” of realities, seeking the liminal spaces of consciousness and proprioception through the hallucinatory.
At the same time she has worked as a director, making video clips, fashion films, photography or audiovisuals for musicians and designers such as Ruberth, Cruhda or Caamaño Ameixeiras, with whom she also collaborated as art and costume director.
Her proposals immerse us in a fantastic universe full of life, populated by beings ranging from insects to a varied range of plants, to transport us through a mythology that transforms our vision of life, from a perspective that questions different habits from our life process.
Her work was part of festivals such as Curtocircuit, Playdoc, Filmadrid, Blessed are you and Intersection; she held exhibitions at the SÍM Gallery (Reykjavik), Venice Art Projects (Venice), Espacio Tangente (Burgos), Chiquita Room Gallery, Instituto Cervantes, Injuve: “Silencio de los grandes Troncos,” La Casa Encendida “Fuego en la habitación,” “Invocations vol. I”- Macba, Loop Festival-‘D’un rastre com un tall (Barcelona) or recently “Norte Agreste Silvestre” at Porto Municipal Gallery, Leira Haus (Lugo) or at LEV Matadero Madrid, among others. On the other hand, her work Inside the Microtubulereceived an award at the Intersection Festival of A Coruña in 2020, and was awarded the “A Colectiva” Prize and the “Numax á Exhibición” Prize, both in the Galicia Section. She also won the “Agag Award” for best screenplay for Emergency Report at INTERSECCIÓN LAB, a space to promote the creation of audiovisual projects in A Coruña.
  The works that make up this exhibition explore the border between the technological and natural worlds, creating virtual and intimate scenarios that immerse us through the perception and influence of light on life and survival between species, and how technological evolution added a rereading on transhumanism and affective development with the machines that surround us. An approach that reflects on how the virtualization of nature affects us and distances us from reality, diminishing instincts, which are increasingly dormant.
From a critical position, a lack of knowledge of the habitat in relation to the natural environment is postulated from a global vision of Galicia. The works attempt to convey an intuition of the mysterious nature of the material environment. In a mixture of the magical with the virtual and intimate, the artist proposes an exploration from the human aspect and its context, merging nature, inner world and artificiality, and exploring new sensitive formulas in the perception of the environment. The camera becomes a fundamental tool of activism, conveying an intuition of a mysterious nature without ever revealing the secret. The artist is aware of our most imaginative suspicions and shows them to us without giving clear answers, looking out of the corner of her eye, and, above all, from within.