Picture: La escena del juego

5 october, 2023 – 2024
Rooms 2 and 3. Second floor

On October 10, the Eugenio Granell Foundation opened the exhibition La escena del juego. Eugenio Granell. The project is curated by Eduardo Valiña and can be visited on the museum’s second floor.

Eugenio Granell is also well known as a collector, which enabled him to leave behind a huge, diverse legacy featuring surrealist, ethnic, and his own art.
Apart from artworks linked to specific artists, there are other elements that make up this wide-ranging and intricate universe that includes unclassifiable utensils, heritage items, and other elements that, for no apparent reason, had a profound importance so as to accompany Eugenio Granell throughout the years.
In this regard, one of the most attractive and lesser-known aspects of the artist are his toys, some of which are linked to the different places where he lived with his family, while others are like fetiches that take us to specific moments and places, where some of Granell’s most representative works arose.
This exhibition functions as a presentation of a lesser-known facet of Granell related to play by means of toys, but also accompanied by other elements such as photographs or bibliographic material.
Play is an articulating element within avant-garde art and, above all, surrealism. The artists plays with different resources such as words. In other cases, by means of automatic drawing, he plays with a certain kind of uncertainties that arise in different works.

In this case, the collections make up an enormous game full of bets, where winning or losing forms part of life itself, a reflection of tricks and shady characters that introduce us to a setting featuring a bet in which we will inevitably have to participate.

Eduardo Valiña
Exhibition curator