Picture: Footprints and marks

11 may, 2023 – 2024
Room Philip West. First floor

Footprints and marks is a space where the artist’s relationship with the environment is explored through marks that serve as a guide on an imaginary map.

This mapping alludes to an intimate terrain, an indeterminate place, populated by desires, personal relationships, landmarks, explicit sex, amorous courtship and a constant sense of instability.

In this itinerary, we find works of different formats, a selection that highlights the variety of mediums used by West, where drawing and graphics hold a significant place.

The exhibition will have a fundamental axis through marks and traces, an ephemeral procedure related to the idea of transit. In this case, this trace seems to be linked to concepts such as authorship, the fact of creating without the intention of enduring, simply as a resource that signals the passage of the artist through the space he inhabits and disappears.

Love, sexuality, procreation, and death are some of the perennial themes in the artist’s process. These procedures directly connect him with some art movements of the moment. However, his daring stance makes it more evident the need to engage with the surrealist universe, as if it were a free space that avoids the constraints of other movements.