Fotografía: Exposiciones Biblioteca Fundación Granell

14 July – 9 October, 2022.
Rooms 4 and 5. First floor

“Pro captu lectoris, habent sua fata libelli = Depending on the reader’s capacity, books have their own destination.”.

Maurus, gramático latino, S.II.

This exhibition, which is on display in Rooms 4 and 5 on the first floor, presents a small selection of the rich documentary heritage donated by Amparo and Eugenio Granell to the Foundation, giving rise to the Eugenio Granell Library Archive.

The exhibition features a selection of the most outstanding material, such as letters, dedicated books, or booklets.

The display cabinets in Rooms 4 and 5 contain these documents from friends and intellectuals of their time, residents of the different countries where Eugenio Granell and Amparo lived in exile. Spanish exiles, musicians and writers, such as Enrique Casal Chapí, Juan Ramón Jiménez, Vicente Llorens, Segundo Serrano Poncela, Américo Castro, Jorge Guillén, Francisco Ayala, Patricio Escobal.

Other intellectuals from outside Spain, such as the writers Mario Monteforte Toledo, Luis Cardoza y Aragón, Eunice Odio, Julio Molina; and the lecturers Enrique Luis Revol, Estelle Irizarry, Jaime Benítez and Risieri Frondizi.

Some of the documents are accompanied by portraits painted by Granell for his friends; Room 4 features portraits of Enrique Casal Chapí, José Vela Zanetti, Juan Ramón Jiménez, and Jaime Benitez, while some small portraits accompany some of the documents on display in Room 5.
It is worth highlighting his relationship with Laxeiro, to whom we pay tribute as this year’s featured artist of Galician Arts.

Eugenio Granell’s library was also that of his wife, Amparo Segarra, who has her own display cabinet with portraits that Granell painted of her, accompanied by newspaper articles about her career as an actress and art catalogues featuring some of her collages.

In addition to his work as a novelist and essay writer, Granell also stood out, in the world of books, as a cover illustrator. We have selected some of his most outstanding illustrations, which are on display in Room 4.

Granell’s passion for books as the basis of his intellectual activity can also be seen in photographs –on display in the exhibition– of two of his homes, one in New York and the other in Madrid, where Granell appears surrounded by books, objects and artworks, which now form part of Eugenio and Amparo’s artistic legacy.

This exhibition is supported by the Xunta de Galicia’s Department of Culture, Education, and University.