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Picture: Amparo en buena compañia

15 July, 2021 – 2022
Room Amparo. Second floor

On Thursday, July 15, the Eugenio Granell Foundation opened two new exhibitions on the second floor of its museum.

The exhibitions Amparo in Good Company and Granell: 46 Years of Exile, its Causes and the Importance of Friendship (1939-1985), curated by the Foundation’s director, Natalia Fernández Segarra, centre on the life of Amparo and Granell.

Amparo and Eugenio – Eugenio and Amparo

The Amparo Room hosts Amparo in Good Company, an exhibition in which the artist is accompanied by works by other female “makers” of collages, which form part of the Eugenio Granell Foundation’s extensive collection.

Amparo is beginning to receive the attention she deserves as a creator of art. Not long ago, her work was featured in an exhibition held in Valencia’s IVAM, with several collages –the first ones she made with her husband and her own ones. In time, this museum in Valencia, where Amparo was born, acquired several of her collages. María Lopo, in Galicia, has written about Amparo and was able to converse with her. I am now reading a study by a young student from Miguel Hernández University, in Elche, Valencia, on Amparo’s work. The study is entitled Recortes de una vida (Cuttings of a Life). The exhibition features some works by women that Amparo knew as well as others by women she never met. They reflect the force and power of these women. Many of them lived in the shadow of their male colleagues, but even so, they persisted in their desire to create and firmly established their own world.

Natalia Fernández Segarra
Exhibition curator