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Amparo Segarra Collection

Picture: Amparo Segarra

Amparo Segarra plastic artist, theater actress and inseparable companion of Eugenio Granell. She fully identifies with the surreal collage technique, which she uses to express her concerns.
In his pieces we observe, in a subtle humor key, social opinions and surreal thoughts. All wrapped up in a delicately balanced feminine aesthetic, sometimes harsh, in which the perfect fusion of the different cuts stands out, creating an illogical fantasy world, based on reality.

Necesito unas tijeras
Collage. 28 x 21,70 cm
La pera de Man Ray
Collage. 20,80 x 29,30 cm
Sequía en el asfalto
Collage. 23 x 21 cm
Hogaza para todos
Collage. 33,70 x 33,70 cm
El claustro
Collage. 19 x 20 cm
Baños Turkos
Collage. 29.5 x 41.5 cm