OPENING: 31 October, 20.00h Rooms 3, 4. First Floor

On the 31st of October at 8pm, the exhibition Fragmentaria  by Jose Perozo will be inaugurated at the Eugenio Granell Foundation until 12th January, 2020.
Fragmentaria is the result of the "Artist in Residence 2019" initiative by the Eugenio Granell Foundation. This is asculptural exhibition by Jose Perozo that shows a score of surrealist pieces, all inspired by the construction of human character and personality. In addition to the artist's own workshop, the pieces were constructedwithin the Granell Foundation itself as well as at Sar Cerámicaand Escenoset S.L.
In this exhibition, Perozo interprets five main ideas: philosophy, civilization, the journey, fragility and duplicity, all of which are represented by life sized human figures. These works have all been constructed using construction fragments or pieces as if they were buildings. In addition to the many facets of these exhibits, its arguable that thetrue symbolism of the characters is expressed through their bodies in a surreal and dreamlike code.
There are also many different reinterpretations or reconstructions of the pieces in this collection which many find either completes the characteristic interpretation of the work or simply contradicts all notions of what we percieve, this is up to the individual to decipher. In essence, the possibilities of the construction of personality by Perozo are variable, mutable and subjective inherently to the individual.
The materials with which the sculptures are constructed are mainly ceramics, wood and metal, but we also find others such as glass, methacrylate, paint or vegetable fibres, exhibiting a diversity of styles and aesthetic lines that reinforce the variable and subjective condition of our own psychological characteristics.
The exhibition has a sound space created by Pilo Sierra, composed ad hoc specifically for this exhibition.
Jose Perozo (Vigo, 1978) studied Sculpture in the EASD Mestre Mateo de Santiago, and Scenic in Technical Scenic of Granada. Since 1998 he has lived in Santiago de Compostela, where he combines his artistic work with the construction of sets for theatre, cinema and television. In 2017, he inaugurated Bastións at the Igrexa da Universidade de Santiago, a line of work that continued in 2018 with Bastións II in the Business Circle of Vigo. After participating in various competitions such as Gois-Oroso Arte 2018 or the Biennial of Non-Morrazo Art 2019, he inaugurates his new exhibition, Fragmentaria, at the Eugenio Granell Foundation.