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24 April, 2018 – 16 June, 2019 Rooms 2 and 3. Second Floor


Granell, early 1920s is an exhibition that accompanies Eugenio Granell along the route he describes in his book Memorias de Compostela. Starting at number 6 Calderería, it tours the Santiago streets that Granell became familiar with in his childhood. The exhibition features postcards and photographs depicting those places that he remembered. It likewise includes photographs of the persons mentioned in the book, such as the violinist Quiroga, Carlos Maside, Manuel Antonio, Pablo Bescansa, García Sabell and Pumariño.

Rather than ending in Santiago, the route continues on as far as Coruña, where the Granell family lived. The exhibition is an immersion in the Galicia and Madrid of the 1920s and 1930s, through Granell’s eyes –a promising period that ended dramatically with the uprising and civil war.