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    9 April – 21 June
    Rooms 4,5. First Floor

    This exhibition is a continuation of the Eugenio Granell Foundation Museum’s exhibition activity commemorating its 20th anniversary (1995-2015).
    This initiative starts from textile research and its development in space, under the Granellian surrealist influence, establishing an open dialogue in which the spectator finds an active sense in front of the work.
    The pieces made in the University of Vigo’s Textile Laboratory, in collaboration with Jose Bravo’s tricot knitting technique, are a reflection on space and movement, creating specific structures for the exhibition space, linked to Granell’s intricate creative process, based on automatism.
    Sara Coleman, a multidisciplinary artist, studied Plastic Art applied to Fashion Design (Advanced Technical Degree in Plastic Art and Clothing Style) in addition to other qualifications: Master’s Degree in Fashion Management, University Expert in Fashion Training, Culture and Management, Experimental Illustration in Central Saint Martins, Technical Degree in Patternmaking and Industrial Scaling and Wardrobe Design for Stage Arts. She is currently studying a Degree in Fine Art (Fine Art Faculty of Pontevedra). Throughout her professional career she has worked as a patternmaker for Roberto Verino, as a freelance designer and patternmaker for different companies in the textile sector and has participated in research workshops with different textile artists: Kei Ito (New shapes for Design), Teresa Rosa Aguayo (ARTFAD 07 prize) in Felt specialisation, and Elisabeth Salgado (Textile techniques in low-warp loom).
    In 2007 she founded her own fashion brand: SARA COLEMAN_Organic Design. Since then she has been presenting her fashion collections at Madrid’s Mecedes Benz Fashion Week and international shows in the textile sector. From 2007 to 2009, she taught at the “Felicidad Duce” Superior School of Design and Fashion and has imparted Fashion Design and Trend Analysis Courses in collaboration with ATEXGA (Galician Textile Association).
    Since 2012 she has been teaching at ESDEMGA (Superior Studies in Textile Design and Fashion of Galicia), while presenting conferences and workshops on Creativity and Experimentation. Her latest project in experiential training, which is entitled “The Handcraft Experience,” is aimed at opening a new transdisciplinary space for creative development by means of direct experience with the material.
    In 2011 she was awarded the First Business Initiative Prize and in 2013 she was shortlisted for the International Woolmark Prize (representing Europe) and the prestigious Mango Fashion Awards.
    She has held and participated in different exhibitions, including Filogénesis in Ferrol’s Sargadelos Gallery, Hacer. Diseñar. Pensar, Decorative Art Museum of Madrid, ¿Cazadores de Tendencias? in Madrid’s CentroCentro Palacio de Cibeles, El diáologo creador. Diseño y tradición cultural in Santiago de Compostela’s Museo do Pobo Galego or Caminos en el Diseño in Pontevedra’s Pazo da Cultura and Torre da Caldeia Velha (Portugal).