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20 june – 20 september
Room Amparo. Second floor

The exhibition “EL PERFIL ROTO” (The Broken Profile), which is on display in the Amparo Room on the Museum’s second floor, presents a selection of photographs taken by different artists, or persons close to Eugenio Granell and Amparo Segarra.
The Eugenio Granell Foundation Museum’s collection features an important photographic archive. Many are the artists that, throughout the years, fascinated by the figure of Eugenio Granell and Amparro Segarra, cultivated the technique of the portrait, made up of works ranging from the forties to the present.
The objective is not merely displaying works by renowned artists such as Rogelio Allepuz or Ricardo Martín –although abundant and significant- but it is also worth highlighting the importance of family photographs or those taken by friends and acquaintances such as Álvaro Delgado, Antonio Gómez, Peter Tambone, who reveal the intimate Granell.
On this occasion, the exhibition ranges from the domestic setting, which arises like a tour around the different living spaces, to the public personality captured by a rich and extensive variety of personal visions.
In this context, we should take into account the different contributions made by many creators that, starting in the forties, collaborated with Granell on works that will serve as the basis for studying the artist’s surrealist universe; this is the case of Conrado (Dr. Kurt Schnitzler) or other renowned contemporary artists such as Manuel Vilariño or Xoán Crespo.
The exhibition is therefore a look at the artist’s life, featuring images that were often relegated to Granell’s personal files.