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PHILIP WEST. La tierra penetrada

8 May – 30 June
Room Philip West. First Floor

From the 8th of May until the 30th of July the exhibition La tierra penetrada will be open to the public at the Philip West Room located in the first floor of the Museum – Foundation Eugenio Granell.
This exhibition displays a selection of Philip West´s works, which nowadays belong entirely to the Eugenio Granell’s Foundation Collections.
This exhibition spins around a deep reflection about sexuality and the erotic as the ground bases of his plastic work. This topic serves as a pretext for analyzing the relationship between love with death, a constant in the work of an artist who even gets to convert sexuality into an object.
The exhibition is the result of an investigation in which both the selection of grafic works and other type of artworks, as well as the selected documents, allow the viewer to get closer to the artist’s personal vision of human relationships, which sometimes are displayed as geographical accidents. In this show we are immersed in a universe where energy represents the spiritual foundation from where the artist links his adventures and vital experience with natural processes related to the human body.

Philip West (York, 1949, Zaragoza 1997) was a true product of British Surrealism, a movement he joined immediately after completing his studies in Fine Arts and Art History in 1970. In 1974, a new thematic component appears in some of his drawings that appear in some magazines. Philip West refers to sex either in a direct manner or through the paradox. Sex as a component of desire, of love or of perversion, as one of the key drivers of the human race, will become one of the recurring themes in both his work both iconographic and conceptual work.