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SERGIO LIMA. Return to the wild

February 21 – May 26, 2013
First Floor. Rooms 4-5

The exhibition Return to the Wild, held in collaboration with Fundación Cupertino de Mirana, Famaliçao, Portugal, features several of the Brazilian artist Sergio Lima’s series of designs, collages and drawings. The series share the common denominator of “the body,” which inevitably takes us to an eroticism revealed in their superficial beauty, in their symbolic reference, in their genetic and prophetic power, as well as in their essential non-conformist will, which is also present in the artist’s poetic work. Sergio Lima (Pirassununga, Brazil, 1939), a doctor in Brazilian Literature and university teacher, is considered Brazil’s best surrealism specialist and his writings stand out in international surrealism circles. A multi-faceted artist that works in the fields of poetry, essay writing, research, plastic art and cinema. As a historian, critic and essayist, Lima has contributed to collective publications such as “Surrealismo no Brasil: mestiçagem e sequestros” and in journals such as Agulha, Punto Seguido and Escrituras Surrealistas. He was included in the anthology “Surrealismo e Novo Mundo,” made up of outstanding surrealist creators from different generations and origins.