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Collaboration with the “Fonte da Virxe” Association

December 13 to 20

Under the theme “mental health is also your business,” the “Fonte da Virxe” Association presents in the Eugenio Granell Foundation, one year more, a new exhibition that refers to the Feaf Confederation’s mental-patient awareness campaign being held throughout Spain.
The exhibition consists of a multidisciplinary initiative ranging from work with ceramics to leather, binding, etc. A series of works made in the “Fonte da Virxe” Association’s Rehabilitation and Occupation Centre by relatives and friends of mental patients.
The association is aimed at raising the public’s awareness about these patients’ work and the efforts undertaken to integrate them into society, eliminating existing social and labour barriers in view of a society that creates the difference.
The initiative is part of the Eugenio Granell Foundation’s collaboration with different social groups in our city, with the objective of introducing culture to all parts of society.