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    From November 26 to December 12, 2010.
    Every year since the brilliant artist’s death, the Granell Foundation commemorates Eugenio Granell’s birthday with different kinds of events.

    “ENCUÉNTRATE CON GRANELL” We will celebrate Eugenio Granell’s birthday on November 29.
    The Foundation will mark the occasion, as it has been doing in the last few years, with a series of activities: The Granell in Person exhibition reveals the artist’s more intimate facet by means of three sections of material: a selection of the artist’s personal objects, a visual biography of Granell based on a photographic polyptych; and also a more reflexive look at the artist by means of a selection of sound recordings from the Granell Foundation archive: declarations by the artist in different situations, excerpts of interviews…
    This year, we are again encouraging the public to participate actively in the tribute to Granell by repeating the activity called “Encuéntrate con Granell.” The game consists in reinterpreting Eugenio Granell’s self-portrait made in 1944, an Indian ink drawing on paper, which will dominate the exhibition encompassing this fun activity.
    Use any of your own materials to adapt the suggested artwork. Each participant may use the technique of his or her choice: collage, painting, sculpture… Another alternative consists in creating a title for the artwork you are going to work on, which will result in a new vision of it. You can hand your creations in at the museum’s reception desk or send a picture of them by e-mail. The latter will be displayed in the exhibition. Your artworks will be displayed in the Eugenio Granell Foundation and you will have the opportunity of seeing them until December 12.
    To mark the anniversary of Granell’s birthday, there will also be open days from November 26 to December 12.
    We hope that you will find this initiative interesting and enjoy participating in it.
    Autorretrato de Eugenio Granell