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Retrovisions. Guy Ducornet

May 7 / July 7

Under the title Retrovisions, the Eugenio Granell Foundation presents the French artist Guy Ducornet’s first individual exhibition in Spain. 
In addition to being a plastic artist, Guy Ducornet, a historical member of the Chicago Surrealist Group (created in 1966 after the death of André Breton), is also a literary creator and an active exponent of surrealist ethics and aesthetics, understood from a political point of view.
By means of his work, Ducornet presents us with a world in which we have to immerse ourselves in matters of identity and memory, from an ever-critical and -demanding perspective, which are risks common to all his particular creation.
The artist’s exhibition at the Granell Foundation consists of a selection of recent plastic work, as well as a retrospective selection of his production: paintings, engravings, assemblages, sculptures, ceramics and symbolic objects.
The artist rediscovers for us the impression made on him by landscapes from his reading matter and experiences, constructing a work that is like a treasure map indicating a new itinerary that we should follow. His plastic production, a kind of poetical archaeology of everyday occurrence, is constructed with mementoes from his trips: real ones (like pieces of photographs, concert posters, film posters…) and with memories from his mental trips by means of literature, of the history of art (pieces of reproductions of artworks from the past, allusions to literary works…) and from his trips, in mind and body, as a free-jazz performer, which gives his work a flair for variations on the same plastic motif. Ducornet brings us the good news that it is possible to discover a magical universe, behind every experience.
In his work, full of humour, the omnipresent collage generates a fragmentary discourse that is open, free and active, inviting the spectator to reinterpret it time and again.