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Eugenio Granell: The Pí bird and the language of birds

    May 15 – September 21, 08
    Monographic exhibition of Eugenio Granell’s work, curated by Eugenio Castro.

    The show is made up of more than sixty works, including oils, drawings, constructions and ready-mades, ranging from the 1950s to the 1980s.What makes this project unique is the fact that, for the first time, a single exhibition analyses Eugenio Granell’s poetics from a plastic and literary point of view.
    The proposal of Eugenio Castro, writer and member of the Madrid Surrealist Group, enables the subject to be explored by a double approach, consisting of an in-depth study of one of the leitmotifs of Granellian poetics, the figure of the bird. His proposal bases the exhibition’s conceptual focus on poetical analogy –a common practice in Surrealism– constructed by Eugenio Granell using the figure of his Pi Bird and the myth of the language of birds.
    The language of birds is a concept that is found in a great variety of cultural traditions from antiquity to our time; it refers to language’s unifying capacity that enables the mythical narration of the world. For surrealists, the language of birds functions as a poetical analogy per se, expressed both by means of the word – i.e. poetical creation, verse or prose– and the visual image, or by combining both tools. Another of the exhibition’s peculiarities is the incorporation of another expressive medium associated with the life and work of Eugenio Granell: the language of music.
    In this regard, the exhibition features two musical pieces: one of them is inspired by Eugenio Granell’s poem, The Mechanical Rite of the Pi Bird, and the other was evoked by the prominent presence of bird song in Eugenio Granell’s work. Both pieces were composed for the occasion by the musician Rag Cuter using genuine bird songs.