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Maldita Europa. Xurxo Oro Claro

    March 12 / May 14
    The Ourense artist Xurxo Oro Claro’s exhibition, entitled “Maldita Europa,” will open on March 12, at 7.30 pm, in the Eugenio Granell Foundation building, Palacio de Bendaña.

    Once again, the Granell Foundation centres on the influence of Surrealism in today’s Galician art, on this occasion by means of Xurxo Oro Claro.
    From the beginning of its existence, the Granell Foundation has hosted exhibitions by Galician artists, who during a specific stage of their work, on throughout their entire career, have felt a strong link with surrealist ethics and aesthetics, resulting in a series of exhibitions going back to 1997.
    Xurxo Oro’s project in the Granell Foundation, based on the great potential of the sculptural symbolism used, presents a stark reflection on the violence produced in our everyday environment. The human body and its fragmentation is the plastic vehicle used in this exhibition, becoming in the artist’s work an aesthetic idea per se and the medium for conveying meaning in today’s world. The societies generated by European democracies in the era of late capitalism, the Europe of abundance, are presented as a sick body, lacerated by open wounds, such as the criminalisation of immigration, gender-based violence or child abuse.
    The exhibition, featuring the depth characterising all of the artist’s work, is therefore a unique opportunity for reflecting, by means of art, on our present time. Made up of several installations, a video screening and three photography series, the exhibition consists of three well-defined parts within the Granell Foundation: an installation especially made for the Palacio de Bendaña building and two installations that were the seeds of this exhibition, both under the generic title of “Maldita Europa.”
    The more universalist nature of the installations contrasts with the specificity of the photography series, which present in a more specific way blights of contemporary society, such as gender-based violence, child abuse or immigration.