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A propósito de…

20/2/08 – 26/5/08

The exhibition features specific interventions in several parts of Pazo de Bendaña, the building housing the Eugenio Granell Foundation.
The first part of the project involves the lobby, where the artist has placed the work “¿Asegurando el cielo?” On the second floor, in the conference room, Lili(ana) has installed “Protecting since 1564.” The physical and conceptual connection between both works is attained by using the elevator shaft.
Placing great trust in the expressive capacity of the everyday objects and images surrounding us, and of those images that form part of our collective subconscious… the artist appeals, in her works, to the critical deconstruction of messages hidden in the physical manifestation of our symbolic universe.
Thus, in this project, she adopts foundational images and symbols of our Western culture, such as the cross or images of the dogma of Christianity’s Final Judgment. The artist thereby invites us to question certain religious dogmatism that has been experienced during centuries, and is still highly topical today, expressing her amazement with a great deal of irony.
The artist, who has worked with different types of plastic expression throughout her career (including actionism, photography, installation, specific site or object poem…), conceives the exhibition in the Granell Foundation as a specific site, in which pre-existing works are adapted to the Granell Foundation’s physical and symbolic space, as well as its context: the city of Santiago de Compostela.