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    September 19 – November 19
    Exhibition by the Dutch artists Elizé Bleys and Rik Lina that establishes a perfect dialogue between Rick Lina’s pictorial work and Elizé Bleys ceramics; it forms part of the series of international surrealism exhibitions that began in 2005.

    Rik Lina is a well-known surrealist artist of Dutch origin who is inspired by Latin American art, more specifically the figure of the Cuban surrealist Wifredo Lam. Lina is mainly known as the founder of Amsterdam’s Novos Cobra group, which includes both European and Latin American painters, and Collective Automatic Painting. He is also linked to the Phases international surrealism movement, led by Edouard Jaguer, and Holland’s Bureau de Recherches Surréalistes.
    In the case of Elizé Bleys, a ceramic artist from the Netherlands who lives and works in Amsterdam and the Dutch West Indies, she is known for participating in exhibitions such as the one held in the Knecht-Drenth Foundation, Calosa, in 2001, or those held in Amsterdam in recent years: LINX International, in 2002, Studio Bellamy, during the years 2002–05–06 or those held from 2003–06 in the Kadekunst and ARTTRA art galleries in the same city. In 2004, she held an exhibition in the Cochrane Museum, also in Amsterdam. She recently exhibited in Valparaíso, Chile, in 2006 and has just held an exhibition in the KOP van WaZ. Wijk aan Zee Gallery in the Netherlands. In the case of this Dutch artist, surrealism consists in building the surrealist object based on typographies of ceramics, pots, vases… creating objects full of colour, subtle humour and overwhelming imagination.