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Encounter between the ancient world and the universe of dreams

February 16, 07 – May 5, 08
Second Floor (Room III)

A new exhibition with Granell as the protagonist centered around the artist’s concepto of space as represented through a small selection of cosnstructions and drawings belonging to the Foundation’s funds. In order to illustrate this particular vision of space in Granell, we have selected two series of works: a series of constructions and a small selection of drawings from different periods in his creative career, where we can see, as the commissioner herself explains:”the gradual hatching of this particular representation of space from the drawing, the backbone of all his plastic production. The constructions are made by assembling objets trouvés and pieces of wood. Their essential characteristic is being smooth surfaces turned into pictorial planes, which deliberately deny the third dimension and where the application of the brushstroke is of decisive importance at a compositional level. In both the assemblies and the drawings, the figures tend towards bi-dimensionality; they are not developed volumetrically, everything can be reduced to a line, to a drawing at a compositional level. The development of space in depth is deliberately denied and the compositions with several elements put the figures in the foreground, figures that are always upright, frozen in a time without alterations, a spiritual time”.
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