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Granell’s birthday

    The Fundación Eugenio Granell will again celebrate Granell’s birthday in November 29th.
    To chek the published works press here

    Nov. 22nd – 29th
    Open Doors to the Museum
    During the Open Doors week, the public will be able to enjoy a visit to the Museum along with a guided tour of the exhibits. We also hope that the visitors will participate in the Surrealist Games.
    Surrealist Games. Cadaver Exquís
    . Plastic work
    Literary work
    This is a colective work where the surrealist’s sense of humor and the value of a colective work are reinforced. Two rolls of paper will be placed in the Didactic area of the museum so that the visitors can freely participate in this plastic and literary activity which consists of adding your own drawing or words without seeing what the previous person has done.
    This colective work will be shown to the public on the 29th of November and it will remain in view for a week.
    Web Page participation
    You can also pay tribute to Granell from Nov. 6th – 20th through our web page: www.fundació

    Wednesday, November 29th
    Homage to Granell
    The visitors and friends will be able to see the results of the Surrealist Games done in the Museum itself, as well as those done through the Web Page.